Popular Peak of the White Mt. Masters: Mt. Willard

Frank Henry Shapleigh Oil on canvas, 21 x 36 inches

Recently Erik Koeppel and I hiked to the top of Mt. Willard. We spent the afternoon drawing and just taking in the glory of this amazing view. The view from Mt. Willard has been famously painted by, William Sheridan Young , Frank H. Shapleigh, and  Benjamin Champney, among others. The View from Mt. Willard (also known as Artist’s Bluff, in the 19th century) beyond it’s fantastic view of Crawford Notch, also looks down on the Willey House site.

Lauren Sansaricq , view from mt. Willard


Erik Koeppel , drawings from the top of Mt. Willard
photos from the top


Erik sketching


another one of Erik sketching
Benjamin Champney “view from Mt. Willard” 10 x 16 in.


Edward Hill’s view of Crawford Notch

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