Exhibition in Salt Lake City , UT!

Happy to Announce one of my paintings will be featured in the show Changing Seasons exhibition opening in Salt Lake City, UT, March 3rd. The exhibition address is

 Zion’s Bank, Founder’s Room, 18th Floor
City Creek Center, 1 Main St.
Salt Lake City, UT

It’s a group show that will have lots of great work by contemporary realist artists. You can learn more about it on this website:


Museum Opening and Jackson Historical Society Show and Sale , Tonight!

The Jackson Historical Society has it annual show and sale this evening from 5 to 8. There will be many available historic works from 19th century white mountain artists , also in  the show will be available works by  Me and Erik Koeppel. 

The Museum opening is also tonight. The show is called “The Jackson Five,” at The Jackson Historical Society Museum and features  5 artists who have or have had their studios in Jackson, NH: Frank Henry Shapleigh (1842-1906) , Mabel Williams (1870-1944), David Backer (1915-1999) , Erik Koeppel (1980-), Lauren Sansaricq (1990-)

This show will be on display in conjunction with the 14th Annual White Mountain Art Show and Sale. A catalog for the show will be available.To learn more about  both shows follow this link:

Below are the works of mine that will be in both shows: 

RTCrawford Notch Framed Black background _ Lauren Sansaricq_ Oil on Canvas-2
“Crawford Notch” 23 x 33in. 
“Echo Lake” 24 x 36 in. 
“View from Blackcap” 9x 14in. 
“View of the Hayes Farm” 8 x 11in. 
“Crawford Notch at Saco Lake” 11 x 16in. 
“Mount Chocorua” SOLD 
“Storm Approaching Black Mountain” 7 x 10in. 
“Sunset in the mountains” 8 x 11in. 
Emerald Pool  4 x 4in SOLD 

Upcoming Lecture at The Currier Museum

I am so honored to be giving a lecture on my process as a landscape painter and how it relates to the Hudson River School, Nov. 3rd between 7 and 7:30pm at The Currier Museum , in Manchester N.H.

The lecture also aligns  with a remarkable show the museum is doing on 19th century white mountain art called “Mount Washington: The Crown of New England”.

This 19th century John Kensett painting of Mount Washington will be at the show. 

In my lecture I plan to discuss the Hudson River School artist’s approach of working from drawings and plein-air sketches to make their larger studio paintings. And more generally how these artists saw and studied nature.


Please join me Nov. 3rd! Should be a wonderful evening.

For more information follow this link:


Recent Lecture and Demonstration at The Museum of the White Mountains


I was so honored to lecture and demonstrate on the subject of 19th century landscape painting techniques at the Museum of the White Mountains recently.  In the lecture I talked about the common process among artists of that time to do drawings and color studies outdoors, then bring this information back to the studio to make larger studio paintings. And how these larger pictures were done in a layered process , first with an under-painting , then several layers of glazing and scummbling.  

Here I am demonstrating the under painting phase  


For those interested in seeing a video of my process of how to make a Winter Full Moon painting, follow this link:


Pictures from the Bethel Historical Society Art Exhibition

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Bethel Historical Society’s exhibition opening this past weekend. For those who missed it , The exhibit and sale will continue at the Dr. Moses Mason House, Tuesday thru Friday, from 1 to 4 pm, through October 14.Here are some photos from the show: 


My small oval painting between two beautiful benjamin champney paintings!
And one of my favorite pieces in the show the small Samuel Colman on top!
And me with one of my paintings

Understanding the Sky, for Artists. Upcoming Workshop.

Lauren Sansaricq Sunset at Inspiration Point 12 x 18 in. Oil on panel web

      This upcoming Nov. 18th to 20th 2016 , I will be teaching a workshop on “Understanding the Sky for Artists” at The Grand Central Atelier in New York City. It will be a studio workshop , and is open to all levels! Here is my description:

“The sky is the heart of a landscape painting.

In this studio workshop we will dive into studying and painting the sky with oils. We will discuss how the sky is changing at different times of day, and what consistent principles can be found. We will talk about the atmospheric perspective and different varieties of clouds and how they optically interact with the sky. Atmospheric glazing and other types of glazing will be demonstrated. A combination of imagination and reference material from master paintings will be used, no photography.”

Follow this link to sign up: