Demonstration of Underpainting to Glazing at Saint Anselm College

Setting up for the Demo

    Thank you to everyone who made it to the artist talk and demonstration! It was an honor to have the opportunity to discuss my process and show my work  at such a prestigious venue.  I would also like to send out a deep thank you to  Fr. Ian MacLellan for making the whole exhibition possible, and Jennifer Krieger who represents my work at Hawthorne Fine Art for making this possible.  I have decided to do a blog post illustrating the moon painting demo I did this past Thursday.


Once the drawing is sketched in and I know where I want the moon to be placed, I start to paint the band of sky directly around the sphere of the moon. This color tends to be a light blue color with hints of red and orange.  Once this band is complete. I build out with progressively darker and warmer bands until I feel the gradation of the sky is right in value and hue.

30 min. demo. of moon underpainting

Once the
Underpainting is done I progress to the Glazing phase on a separate panel…

demo of underpainting brought through glazing


Here I am rubbing the tonal glaze over the whole picture
color of tonal glaze


And just give you an idea
here is an image of the glaze on a piece of clear plastic. look at it in comparison to the white panel!



the same underpainting with tonal glaze
another example of a moon underpainting












I had a wonderful time explaining the glazing process.  It was a lovely event. Here are just some photos of the space and show…….

Thank you for reading! And if you would like to check out the show it will be up from now until early December.

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