A schedule change at the Grand Central Academy of Art allowed me to run an additional 4-day workshop,July 21st -24th. Additionally for four days of instruction it will only be $500!!!

The workshop will be run in Jackson N.H.

to sign up email:

Lauren Sansaricq "Mt Adams"
Lauren Sansaricq “Mt Adams”

Here is the course title and description:


Traditional landscape painting using a layered approach.

Regardless of your level of experience, the goal of this workshop will be to provide you with a thorough introduction to traditional landscape painting. In this workshop, we will attempt to place ourselves in the mindset of the great Landscape Painters of the past.  Students will discover a deeper understanding of how these old masters approached plein-air painting, how they composed the complexity of nature before them, and how they used a layered approach to greater capture qualities of space, and form in the landscape.


Dates: July 21st  to 24th

Tuition: 500

to sign up email:


lauren sansaricq "Mt Madison"
Lauren Sansaricq “Mt Madison” (outdoor study)

2 thoughts on “SURPRISE WORKSHOP!!!!!

  1. Hi Lauren

    I just posted on your blog…………..what a wonderful show !!! I cannot wait to get to Bethel to see these Masterworks in person.

    Your workshop in May was great. I have a few new Paintings in process


    John LeCours

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your workshop in New Hampshire. Thanks so much for filling in. I have been doing some work at home and I feel so much more confident with the plein air work. I would love to do the Fellowship and will definitely apply.
    Thanks again and Happy Painting!

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