One of my paintings in ‘The Personal Favorites’ Exhibition at The Museum of White Mountain Art at Jackson

White Mountain Art Catalog

I feel so honored to be asked to participate in the ‘Personal Favorites’ show at the Museum of White Mountain Art At Jackson. The opening of the show also aligns with the Show and Sale at the Jackson Historical Society in Jackson N.H., starting Oct. 23rd. The reception will open at 5:00 on the 23rd and the sale will continue through the weekend: Saturday 10:00 – 4:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 2:00. Here is an image of the piece I have chosen for my ‘Personal Favorite’ for the show:View from Elephant's head looking through Crawford Notch

Here is my monograph for the piece:

‘For the Personal Favorites exhibition, which I feel so grateful to be a part of, I have chosen my painting “View from Elephant’s Head, Crawford Notch”. The painting was done from a drawing in early spring, I remember the trek through the snow up to the prominent cliff of Elephants head, the sun was shining bright and it was quite brisk. I knew when sketching this view that it would be ideal for a studio piece. The dramatic forlorn trees arching from the harsh weather they had endured for so many years, the jagged sullen rocks, and for its back drop, one of the most spectacular views in the Mount Washington Valley, the view looking through Crawford notch. The piece is by no means large, compared to other works I have done, yet I feel it captures the grandeur, and drama of this incredible spot. In the execution of this painting I was particularly interested in the work of Thomas Cole, and how he captures the sublime in some of his paintings.

  I was also fortunate to find a unique frame that suited the piece perfectly, the oval frame is authentic to the mid 1800’s. The oval frame and oval picture were very popular during the early Hudson River School, and yet by the late 19th century this style of frame seemed to fade away with the new dawning age of impressionism.’ 

Here are some other pieces I will have at the Show and Sale:

Hope to see you there!

Lauren Sansaricq_Echo Lake in Franconia Notch _24x36in. oil on canvas webLauren Sansaricq _Saco Lake in Crawford Notch _12x18in. oil on pane web llauren Sansaricq_Mount Adams at the Peabody River_12x18in. _Oil on panel WebClouds passing in Pinkham NotchLauren Sansaricq_Echo Lake in Franconia Notch_2700_9x14_oil on panel web Passing Clouds in Pinkham Notch_Lauren sansaricq

3 thoughts on “One of my paintings in ‘The Personal Favorites’ Exhibition at The Museum of White Mountain Art at Jackson

  1. Hi Lauren thanks for sharing ur amazing talent! Can’t make it north but can u send size and price of the pieces u r selling? Thanks

    PA Scott


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