Painting to be featured in “Taking the Lead” Museum Show!

Very honored to have a painting in the upcoming Museum Show “Women Taking The Lead: Women and the White Mountains” at The Museum of the White Mountains in Plymouth N.H. Plymouth State University the opening reception is tonight April 6 at 34 Highland Street from 6-7:30 pm!

Below is a photograph of the painting “Crawford Notch” 23x33in. Oil on canvas,  to be in the show, one framed and one unframed…..

Crawford Notch _ Lauren Sansaricq_ Oil on paneWeb l

RTCrawford Notch Framed _ Lauren Sansaricq_ Oil on Canvas-2Also here is a photo of me actually working on the painting Plein Air in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire.


Lauren Sansaricq Painting in Crawford Notch

2 thoughts on “Painting to be featured in “Taking the Lead” Museum Show!

  1. Absolutely stunning! Congratulations!
    With more notice I could have gone to the opening. I’ll try to see the exhibit this weekend.
    Still loving the view of Canon and Echo Lake I purchased from you a couple of years ago.

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