Museum Opening and Jackson Historical Society Show and Sale , Tonight!

The Jackson Historical Society has it annual show and sale this evening from 5 to 8. There will be many available historic works from 19th century white mountain artists , also in  the show will be available works by  Me and Erik Koeppel. 

The Museum opening is also tonight. The show is called “The Jackson Five,” at The Jackson Historical Society Museum and features  5 artists who have or have had their studios in Jackson, NH: Frank Henry Shapleigh (1842-1906) , Mabel Williams (1870-1944), David Backer (1915-1999) , Erik Koeppel (1980-), Lauren Sansaricq (1990-)

This show will be on display in conjunction with the 14th Annual White Mountain Art Show and Sale. A catalog for the show will be available.To learn more about  both shows follow this link:

Below are the works of mine that will be in both shows: 

RTCrawford Notch Framed Black background _ Lauren Sansaricq_ Oil on Canvas-2
“Crawford Notch” 23 x 33in. 
“Echo Lake” 24 x 36 in. 
“View from Blackcap” 9x 14in. 
“View of the Hayes Farm” 8 x 11in. 
“Crawford Notch at Saco Lake” 11 x 16in. 
“Mount Chocorua” SOLD 
“Storm Approaching Black Mountain” 7 x 10in. 
“Sunset in the mountains” 8 x 11in. 
Emerald Pool  4 x 4in SOLD 

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