New Upcoming Workshop in Jackson N.H.

Hello Readers,

I am teaching a two-day workshop in Jackson N.H. January 13th-14th at ‘Jackson Art Studio & Gallery’

For more information and a link to sign up follow in the information below!

“In this workshop we will discuss and put into practice the compositional conventions used by traditional landscape artists ranging from the 17th century to the 19th century. Students will learn how to breakdown their paintings into three simple elements of design to help the eye move through the picture more easily. We will also discuss how to develop a painting’s center of focus to create a satisfying composition. Participating students will develop their own individual studio landscape paintings with an easy-going drawing to grisaille to color approach. We will also talk about the importance of values, color and chiaroscuro in traditional landscape painting to create a dynamic picture.
In addition, traditional painting techniques will be taught such as Glazing, Atmospheric Glazing, and Scumbling. All experience levels are welcome! Students are responsible for their own supplies. The studio has table top easels to use. Please pack a lunch or one can be ordered out.

Saturday & Sunday January 13 & 14, 9am-4pm, $245”

Sign up here:

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