Returning to the Hudson Valley and Genuinely Following in the Footsteps of the Hudson River School…

For those who may not know, my studio has moved to The Catskill Mountains! Although this has come as quite a change for me, I feel this new direction more suited for my devoted interest not only in the Hudson River School artists work but in the incredible area that inspired America’s first movement in landscape painting! As an artist trying to revive the Hudson River School my new location couldn’t be more appropriate and I feel having my studio here will help me to produce more work of this style of painting with even more authenticity! I am excited for this new amazing chapter in my life, and I hope you will follow my journey forward!

Here are some recent shots of current works and exciting plein air excursions:


Sunset in the Catskill Mountains_9x6in
Sunset in The Catskill Mountains, 9x6in. Available
Afternoon on the Schoharie Creek_11.5x9in_WEB
View on the Schoharie Creek, 9x12in. Available
High Peak and Roundtop Mountains_ 9x18in
View of Kaaterskill High peak and Round-top mountain, 9 x 18in.  available




Pastoral Scene in The Hudson Valley_9x12
Pastoral Scene in the Hudson Valley, 9x12in. Available


Mountain Top Arboretum Morning
Mountain Top Arboretum , 5x9in. SOLD
View of the Kaaterskill Clove_8x11in._oil on panel
Kaaterskill Clove , 8x11in. Available
Forest in the Catskills_ 6.5 x 9.5
Forest Grove, Twilight Park, 6.5 x 9.5in. Available



3 thoughts on “Returning to the Hudson Valley and Genuinely Following in the Footsteps of the Hudson River School…

  1. Not a bad one in the bunch! Your paintings are so awesome, Lauren, and definitely in the tradition of the Hudson River School. The 19th century painters would welcome you ito their ranks in a heartbeat! Well done!!

  2. Beautiful paintings Lauren! Congratulations on your relocation, you are in a perfect place to further your success as an outstanding artist and musician.

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