Jackson Historical Society Show and Sale

Come one come all….. to the White Mountain Art show and sale! the show takes place in:

Jackson N.H. Friday, October 18, 2013, Reception 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Here are some of the works I will have at the show…..for this show I have made a concerted effort to use authentic antique frames courtesy of Vintage Frame Works, and other antique stores in the area.

View of the presedentials framed“View of the presidentials” 8×18

mount adams framed“View of mount Adams” 11x13in.

jackson falls framed“View of Jackson falls ” 8x10in

mount washignton framed“Mount Washington” 10x6in.

morning on the wild cat framed“Swimming in the early morning on the wildcat river” 10x14in.

pastoral scene of the town of jackson(framed)“Pastoral scene of the town of Jackson” 19x15in.

Hope you enjoy the works, and hope to see you there!

Recent Works……

LaurenSansaricq_storm approching on the ammenosic river_oil on panel  2013“Storm Approching on the Ammonoosuc River” 9×12

Now that summer has come to close, the weather up here in New Hampshire is getting cool again, I thought I would post reflecting on some of the works completed this past summer. I hope you enjoy….

LaurenSansaricq_Emerald pool _8x9in. oil on panel _2013“emerald pool” 8x9in

LaurenSansaricq_chocorua in the evening light_oil on panel 8x19in.“evening light over chocorua ” 8x19in

LaurenSansaricq_JacksonFallsPine_oil on panel 2013“Pine at Jackson Falls” 10x9in

laurenSansaricq_FrankenstienCliffsCrawfordNotch_oil on panel 2013“Frankenstien cliffs in Crawford notch” 10×16

sunrise over looking the hudsonriver_14x24_oil on canvas“sunrise in the Hudson Valley” 14x24in.

Lauren Sansaricq_big sur coast_10x16in._oil on panel“Big Sur Coast, California” 10x16in.

Lauren Sansaricq_moonlight in the hudson valley_7x11in. oil on panel“moonlight in the Hudson Valley” 7x11in.

Lauren Sansaricq_sun breaking through the clouds_5x8in. _oil on panel_2013“Sun breaking through the clouds” 5x8in.

Laurensansaricq_view of north Moat from Jackson Falls_8x10oil on panel“Jackson falls, with north moat” 8x10in

Laurensansaricq_swiming in the early morning in the wildcat river_10x14in. oil on panel“swimming in the early morning, on the wildcat river” 10x14in

LaurenSansaricq_View of the presedentials_9x19 oil on panel“view of the presidentials”  9×19


               A schedule change at the Grand Central Academy of Art allowed me to run an additional 4-day workshop,July 21st -24th. Additionally for four days of instruction it will only be $500!!!

The workshop will be run in Jackson N.H.

to sign up email:  gcaclasses@gmail.com

Lauren Sansaricq "Mt Adams"
Lauren Sansaricq “Mt Adams”

Here is the course title and description:


Traditional landscape painting using a layered approach.

Regardless of your level of experience, the goal of this workshop will be to provide you with a thorough introduction to traditional landscape painting. In this workshop, we will attempt to place ourselves in the mindset of the great Landscape Painters of the past.  Students will discover a deeper understanding of how these old masters approached plein-air painting, how they composed the complexity of nature before them, and how they used a layered approach to greater capture qualities of space, and form in the landscape.


Dates: July 21st  to 24th

Tuition: 500

to sign up email:  gcaclasses@gmail.com


lauren sansaricq "Mt Madison"
Lauren Sansaricq “Mt Madison” (outdoor study)

The Opening of “Pictures Serene and Sublime”

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening of “pictures serene and sublime” this weekend, and of  course thank you to everyone who made the show possible,namely Randall H. Bennett, Director of the Bethel Historical Society, for lending his collection, and making this exhibition possible. It was a wonderful opening , and the show will continue to hang until August 31, so if you have not seen the show there is still time to check it out. here are some photos of the show:


the Bethel Historical Society
the Bethel Historical Society


the paintings on the white walls are contemporary and the paintings on the old wooden walls are historic white mountain art .


White Mountain Art Frank Henry Shapleigh Franconia Notch



LaurenSansaricq_mount washington




LaurenSansaricq_mount choucorua

Historic map of the white mountain region

One of the over riding messages from our show (as illustrated in this historic map) was that the White Mountains are not just in New Hampshire they extend well  into Maine. 

the contemporary artists, Lauren Sansaricq and Erik Koeppel

Thank you for reading!

“Pictures serene and sublime” New Exhibit of Lauren Sansaricq and Erik Koeppel’s work!

Pictures Serene and Sublime: Traditional White Mountain Art Recaptured

July 6 through August 31, 2013
— Mason House

During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, numerous artists (including many from the so-called Hudson River School) captured the awe-inspiring summits and verdant glens in the White Mountain region of northern New Hampshire and western Maine.  Including many of these early landscapes, this exhibit also highlights the work of Erik Koeppel and Lauren Sansaricq, nationally-recognized plein air artists who create masterful works in the Hudson River style based on their love for the expressive potentials of traditional representation.  The eight-week exhibition will feature a variety of White Mountain landscapes, including several from the collection of the Jackson (NH) Historical Society.  The contemporary works by artists Koeppel and Sansaricq will be available for purchase.  (All sales will benefit the Bethel Historical Society.)
Opening on Saturday July 6 at the Bethel Main Historical Society’s Museum.
All Are Welcome!

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