Up Coming Exhibitions

“Taking the Lead , Women and the White Mountains”

At The Museum of the White Mountains at Plymouth State College”

I am so honored to have one of my paintings in the show ‘Taking the Lead , Women and the White Mountains’ at The Museum of the White Mountains , at Plymouth State University. The show will be up all summer to Oct. 7th 


“Plymouth, N.H.– From the back-breaking work of cutting trails to painting beautiful vistas, women have a significant role as participants, students, and celebrants of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. “Taking the Lead: Women and the White Mountains” opens on April 7 at Plymouth State University’s Museum of the White Mountains (MWM), and explores how women have connected with and influenced the region over the past 200 years. “This exhibit focuses on gender and place over time, guiding visitors from the early 1800s through the 21st century and introducing examples of female artists, businesswomen, and environmental leaders of today,” said Plymouth State University Professor of History Marcia Schmidt Blaine, interim director of the museum. The White Mountains provided women a place to explore their talents and creativity, uninhibited by the constraints of urban life. In the 19th century, female tourists opened up and popularized trails, explored the natural world, and wrote of the beauty, challenges, and discoveries in the mountains. By the 20th century, women connected the White Mountain region to the larger world while pushing the limits society imposed on them.”

RTCrawford Notch Framed Black background _ Lauren Sansaricq_ Oil on Canvas-2

Here is a link to the e-cataloge:



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