My Up Coming Show at Hawthorne Fine Art !

Here is the press release:

“Hawthorne Fine Art continues to feature the women of the Hudson River School, but with a contemporary twist, in its upcoming exhibition, Nature’s Poetry: The Landscapes of Lauren Sansaricq (b. 1990). For the first time, the gallery will exhibit the work of a living artist, confident that her paintings will stand up to the 19th century Hudson River School masters Hawthorne predominantly displays. On view November 5, 2011 – January 13, 2012, the exhibition will include approximately 35 of Sansaricq’s luminous paintings.

Sansaricq, at age 21, is already an accomplished artist. A student at the Grand Central Academy of Art, she has been selected three times for the prestigious Hudson River Fellowship hosted by the Catskill Mountain Foundation and has exhibited at such venues as the Salmagundi Club and National Arts Club in Manhattan. Painting in a realist style informed by the artists of the Hudson River School, Sansaricq, like her forebears, is greatly inspired by the Hudson Valley region where she grew up. She explains, “When I first learned about the Hudson River School artists and their devotion to the Catskill Mountain region, I could not help but relate. It warmed my heart to learn that the mountains that I gazed upon in awe were the same mountains that Thomas Cole had spent his whole life studying and striving to paint.”

Through the exhibition of Sansaricq’s work, gallery owner Jennifer Krieger will build upon her role as co-curator of the groundbreaking exhibition Remember the Ladies: the Women of the Hudson River School, on view last year at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site. The gallery is paying further homage to these ladies of the past by presenting a woman artist of the present, who is equally inspired by the vistas of the Hudson River Valley and fully equipped to portray the region’s great beauty. Krieger praises Sansaricq: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to bring forth such an impressive talent. Lauren is a tireless technician who can hone in on the most subtle details of nature within its grandest views. She demonstrates an artistic prowess and commitment to faithful design which is not only rare for her age but also uncommon for the age in which we live.”

A catalogue will accompany the exhibit that can be viewed online at or ordered by emailing”

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