Landscape Painting in France!

"veiw of the village of mostuejouls, France ", 8 x 12 in

I just returned from a short trip, painting in France. It was an amazing experience! I spent a week in theTarnValley, in the small village of Liaucous. Liaucous is an ancient medieval town all the homes and streets are made of stone. The surrounding landscape is glorious; craggy mountains, pastoral fields, and rich atmosphere.

"Veiw in the Tarn Valley", 12 x 16 in
"Veiw of Mostuejouls at sunrise, France", 10x 16in


"Pastoral scene , France" 8 x 10 in.
"veiw of the Tarn Valley , France ",8x12 in

 I was very fortunate to paint in such a beautiful location, and I think my visit will inspire more paintings of that area to come.

Mountain scene in Aveyron , France, 5x 7 in

Check out these paintings and more at my upcoming show at 

Hawthorne Fine Art starting November 5.


3 thoughts on “Landscape Painting in France!

  1. You make me miss our time there. It is a rare gift to bring someone that kind of vision. Thank you! I am really proud of you.

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