The Opening of “Pictures Serene and Sublime”

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening of “pictures serene and sublime” this weekend, and of  course thank you to everyone who made the show possible,namely Randall H. Bennett, Director of the Bethel Historical Society, for lending his collection, and making this exhibition possible. It was a wonderful opening , and the show will continue to hang until August 31, so if you have not seen the show there is still time to check it out. here are some photos of the show:


the Bethel Historical Society
the Bethel Historical Society


the paintings on the white walls are contemporary and the paintings on the old wooden walls are historic white mountain art .


White Mountain Art Frank Henry Shapleigh Franconia Notch



LaurenSansaricq_mount washington




LaurenSansaricq_mount choucorua

Historic map of the white mountain region

One of the over riding messages from our show (as illustrated in this historic map) was that the White Mountains are not just in New Hampshire they extend well  into Maine. 

the contemporary artists, Lauren Sansaricq and Erik Koeppel

Thank you for reading!

6 thoughts on “The Opening of “Pictures Serene and Sublime”

  1. Congratulations to all of you! Looks like a wonderful show. Beautiful work. I wish I could make the trip up to see it live and in person. Have a great summer painting.

  2. All the paintings are magnificent. Hope I can get to the show. Congratulations on all of your beautiful work! Thank you for bringing so much beauty to the world and reminding us of what a beautiful world we live in.

  3. Your paintings are wonderful ! I cannot wait to get to Bethel and see these
    masterworks in person. Thanks for your great workshop this Spring in Jackson. I was
    inspired so much that I am working on several paintings in the ” Hudson River School” mode.
    all the best
    John LeCours

  4. hi  Lauren and Erik   It was very inspirational to see your work in person today !  I am very impressed and really love your work … is sublime,     You and Erik are modern masters  .   Thank you so much for remembering me from your workshop , and for chatting with me .     Please let me know if you end up doing a Winter workshop ?   all the best   John    

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