Exhibition at The Bethel Historical Society, Bethel, Maine

We’re happy to announce an exhibition opening this week (July 2nd, preview July 1st) at the Bethel Historical Society entitled Secluded Glens and Noble Landscapes: Traditional White Mountain Art Receptured. 

The show will include approximately 40 contemporary paintings by myself and Erik Koeppel, depicting scenes of the White Mountains. The surrounding walls will be filled with 19th Century White Mountain Art from a private collection. Only the contemporary works will be for sale.

There will be a preview weds. July 1st from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. If you haven’t received an invitation, and would like to attend please feel free to contact the B.H.S. at this email address:

Randy Bennett, Executive Director: director@bethelhistorical.org

For inquiries regarding works available, please also feel free to use the email above. 

The exhibition will be on view until August 29, 2015. 

Here is a sampling of some of my work on display, and I’ll post photos of the gallery space once I have some. 

Passing Clouds in Pinkham Notch_Lauren sansaricq

View From Artist Curve

View from Elephant's Head _lauren sansaricq

View of Mount Chocorua

Mount Adams From the Auto Road

Echo Lake North Conway _ Lauren sansaricq

sunset on the saco river_lauren sansaricq

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