Upcoming Workshop in New York City

So excited to announce I am going to be teaching a workshop at the Grand Central Academy in NYC. It will be a Three day workshop Sep. 26th , 27th and Oct. 3. The title of the class is “The Principles of Studio Landscape Painting: How to build a painting using a layered approach.”

Sunrise on the banks of the Hudson River_14x24_oil on canvas

Here is the course description, and overview of the class….

Regardless of your level of experience, the goal of this workshop
will be to provide you with a thorough introduction to traditional landscape
painting through practice. In this workshop, we will attempt to place ourselves in the mindset of the great landscape painters of the past ranging from 17th century Dutch and French Landscape painters to the Hudson River School painters and the Barbizon and British school of landscape painting as well. Students will discover a deeper understanding of how these old masters approached the challenge of
conceiving a landscape painting in the studio. The concepts discussed and demonstrated will greatly help the student’s ability to understand traditional modes of depicting nature thus, greatly improve their outdoor painting work as well. Students in this workshop will be encouraged to use their imaginations along with any drawings or studies they have done from nature previously , also we will look at reproductions of old master landscape paintings , which can be used for some inspiration. We will also discuss color in relationship to atmospheric perspective , and how to capture different times of day.

In this class we will be using a layered approach and various forms of glazing will be demonstrated.

Passing Storm _ Lauren sansaricq

Day 1
Lauren Sansaricq will demonstrate the Dead Color stage, and cover the first layer of painting. Then quickly students will begin their own pieces using this same approach.

Day 2
Will begin with another demonstration of the Dead Color stage and a Glazing Demo

Then students will be asked to produce another painting using this same approach. Or continue with the painting from the first day if they wish.

Day 3
This day will be spent mostly glazing. To most students this is quite a marvelous experience and helps bring together the hard work they have put into their pieces during the past two days! During this time students will learn , how to Scumble , how to do a translucent glaze , and how to do a tonal glaze.

Hope to see you there….

To sign up follow this link:


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