Upcoming Workshop in CT!

Happy to announce I am teaching a 3-day workshop in Connecticut at The Wethersfield Academy Nov. 15th -17th. In this workshop we will focus on understanding and painting the sky. This workshop is open to all levels, sign up following this link:  https://www.wethersfieldarts.org/

The sky is the heart of a landscape painting. In this studio workshop we will dive into studying and painting the sky with oils. We will discuss how the sky is changing at different times of day, and what consistent principles can be found. We will also talk about the different varieties of clouds and how they optically interact with the sky. Also atmospheric glazing and other types of glazing will be demonstrated. A combination of imagination and reference material from master paintings will be used, no photography.

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshop in CT!

  1. Hello,
    This may be the wrong place to leave this type of comment, lol. But I just want to tell you how much I enjoy receiving your newsletter. I love the Hudson Valley school of painting, always have, and am so happy to see its resurgence. It is the type you can put your soul into. I’ve been around long enough to see that art trends are just that, and that enduring art never goes out of style, even if they go out of favor. I took art training in college during a time when representational art was out of favor, and consequently quit, as my heart just wasn’t there. It was difficult to get training in techniques – we were encouraged only to have self-expression.
    I stumbled on your website and decided to follow it, as it fills a part of me seeing you on a path I would loved to have taken many decades ago. Thanks for allowing us to follow you on your journey. Any additional commentary/insights/feelings beyond the paintings and venues themselves you feel led to share on your site would be quite wonderful! Thanks again.

  2. Hi Lauren, Sorry to have missed your workshop – I’m sure it was terrific as usual! I noticed that you and Erik Koeppel were in a show by someone from the GCA who took a class with me! How did it go for you? Wishing you a wonderful holiday-season. Warmest regards, Leila Pinto

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