Autumn Workshop in NYC

Hello Readers!

I am excited to announce I am doing another “Autumn Color” workshop this time in NYC through the Grand Central Atelier! It will be a three day workshop combining plein air painting and studio paining. The dates are October 19-21th, 2019. Below is the course description, and a link to sign up:

Regardless of your level of experience, the goal of this workshop will be to provide you with a thorough introduction to traditional 19th Century landscape painting technique using a layered approach. In this class we will focus on how to capture the beauty of autumn color, in a convincing realist manner. Students will discover a deeper understanding of how the old masters approached painting this magical time of year. And what incredibly vibrant colors can come from transparent glazed color! We will also discover how they composed the complexity of nature, and how they used a layered approach to greater capture subtleties of space, and form in the landscape. All levels gladly welcome. For this class our source of inspiration will be Autumn in Central Park!

Autumn in The Catskills, Top of Santa Cruz Falls _Unframed
Kaaterskill Clove in Autumn 

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